From last week Monday, host Eric Darnley Small gives a double dose of a moment of Krug. Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, in two of his most recent op-eds, shows the pivotal role of economics plays in politics and race. We begin with a little background, a short history lesson on the players on both left and right in the field of economics and business. Then jump into his two articles. One: the real growing concern/threat to the economy. Two: how the GOP and MAGA are using the Francis Scott Key disaster to do real harm to the US economy. If you’re intrigued by how economic principles influence political stances and racial dynamics, you won’t want to miss today’s video. For those who are new or returning, remember to visit our website to catch up on previous episodes you may have missed. Furthermore, for links to the articles featured in this video and to stay engaged with our community, head over to our Mastodon profile You can also reach out to us on this platform to discuss today’s topic or anything else that’s on your mind. If you enjoyed today’s content, please click the bell to receive notifications, hit the like button, and subscribe to our channel. Your support encourages us to keep bringing insightful content to you. Remember, we stream new episodes live every Monday at 10:30 am EST on our YouTube channel and our website Don’t miss out on our deep dives into important topics that impact us all. Join us next time on “What You Missed”.