In this clip from last week’s What You Missed, host Eric Darnley Small discuses a recent episode of The ReidOut, where host Joy Reid discusses the struggle within Oklahoma politics as traditional conservatives vote in, then out a white nationalist. The intriguing history on how racists are going from the fringes to the seat of power in America. Then, from Oklahoma to the internet. An escalating war of words among prominent right-wing social media influencers, highlighting the troubling rise of white nationalism and antisemitism at a prominent right wing publisher. How did “Christ Is King” go from a declaration of faith to a battle cry against jews? Don’t miss this engaging breakdown on the latest political drama and social media warfare. For more episodes and in-depth analysis, be sure to visit our website Also, join our Mastodon community at to find links to the articles discussed in this video, and don’t hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts on the episode or any other topic that intrigues you. Loved this episode? Click the bell to get notifications, hit like, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Your support helps us keep bringing critical insights into the challenges shaping our world. And you can support the show on our paypal donation page at: Catch new episodes live every Monday at 10:30 am EST, either on our YouTube channel or at